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Web browsing is like circumnavigating the world. And the typical way of doing this is to use different devices and methodologies. Android users employed the same basic techniques. Generally, there are various grab-and-execute web browsers available for android devices. But, the web browser’s success rate usually depends on features and capabilities of certain web browser on the use. Thus, the question is, is your current Android web browser fit to your demands and satisfaction? To be sure, take a look at the following web browsers for Android:

Web browsers for Android

Firefox Browser:

Firefox Web Browser has been the past, present, and future for many Android devices. It is notable as conveniently used browser since its discovery up until today’s time. Well, it is not because it is free of charge. On account that the Firefox service is reliable, fast, easy to use, customizable and brings it latest security and privacy features to its maximum advantage. Firefox browser fully supports Firefox Sync and Do Not Track. Also other amazing features includes fabulous Add-ons, Awesome Screen, Awesome Bar, HTML5, Mobile Video, Reader Mode and many more to add on the list.

Dolphin Browser:

Yet another amazing web browser in this list of Web Browsers is Dolphin browser. Dolphin browser is now gaining a remarkable reputation as leading mobile web browser on Android market. Browsing is made easily and quickly with the use of this browser. There is available Dolphin web app store which is directly accessible to the most popular web application. In a manner of speaking, Features found in this browser are a fortress to all android devices. Feature includes: Web App Store, Home Screen, One-tap Share, Tabbed browsing, Dolphin, Send to device, WiFi – Broadcast, Sonar, Gesture, and Add-ons.

Opera Browser:

Opera Browser is one of the best web browsers. Interestingly, the features installed in Opera browser are not just a wall flower for Android devices but uniquely created for user’s satisfaction and practical functionality. Users of Opera browser enjoys better connection, entertainment, privacy, inspiration, and do their favorite things. Aside from those features, Opera browser works better to most websites and is compatible to most popular Android phones, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, and LG.

Chrome Browser:

Chrome web browser is truly engaged not only with computers but also to all Android phones and tablets. Users of this browser will surely experience fast web searching and navigation, best mobile sync for open tabs, bookmarks, and omnibox data from computer to mobile devices, and ensures privacy for all browsing.

Boat Browser:

Web Browser could be the best friend of your Android devices if chosen and used well. Boat Browser is a powerful premium web browser that is compatible to most Android devices. It hosts special features that are worthwhile. Its features are also more advanced and very useful. As summarized, Boat browser is: more Customizable, caters Personalized Themes, features Fashionable Add-ons- such as Boat FB Add-on, Boat Password Manager Add-on, Boat URL Shortener Add-on, Boat Web2PDF Add-on, Boat Tab History Add-on, Boat Show IP Add-on, Powerful Bookmarks Management, New Side Toolbar, and Speed dial.

So, these were 5 Best Web Browsers for Android. If you know any other web browser which you want us to add in this list of best 5 Web Browsers for Android then share it with us via leaving a comment.