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Lava Iris N400 Users, Now you can update your Android Device easily.  Today I am going to teach you How to Root Lava Iris N400. This Lava Iris N400 is a very nice phone having Android Ice-Cream sandwich software in it, This Android Phone is released by Company Lava which is an Indian company. The phone is having a Good touch screen( 4 inch ) and 512MB of RAM. Rooting phone is a good step to take, After Rooting Lava Iris N400 your phone will lost its warranty but don’t worry you can also unroot it and get back your phone’s warranty. Now let’s Root your android device.


Disclaimer– This is to inform all the readers that the tutorials written on AndroidCular is written by our highly expert writers, our writers clutch these tutorials from other Android Development forms just like CM, XDA and many more. These all the tutorials have been already tested by the experts. So, these are very less chance that your device gets bricked. If you follow our given Pre-Request very carefully then you will not face even a single problem. Please note that updating or rooting your device voids the warranty of your phone. So, kindly upgrade your phone on your own risk.

Pre-Requesites to Root Lava Iris N400:

  • Before you get started with upgrading your Lava Iris N400, Kindly check that you are using the correct phone model for desired firmware. You can easily check your phone model by going. Menu>>Settings>>About Device.
  • You must take a backup of your old ROM by using ROM Manager App. In case you didn’t like the new ROM then you can easily take the backup of old one. It is not a necessary step but you should do it as a safety measure.
  • Take a backup of your contacts and messages. For contacts backup you can follow my given steps. Contacts>>Import/Export>>Export to SD card. Then all your contacts will be saved in your SD card as a Backup file.
  • This upgrading will take some time to get installed in your phone and the installation time takes more battery, so I will recommend you to charge your phone battery to 80-90%. If your phone turns switch off in between the upgrading process then you will not be able to turn it on. So, it will be better to charge it.
  • Uninstall all the anti-theft apps from your phone and your PC.
  • Uninstall the kies from your PC (If you have installed it)
  • Most important thing you have to do is to Enable the USB debugging, Follow the steps-Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB debugging
  • Now your Device is ready for the upgradation. 

Steps to Root Lava Iris N400 :-

  • Firstly download the essentials–> CWM RecoverySP Flash ToolScatter File and MediaTek Driver.
  • Now switch off your Lava Iris N400.
  • Now just select the Scatter and XWM from the downloaded files, Copy them and paste in Recovery folder.
  • Now rename recovery_cwm_6.0.1.5_iris.img to recovery.img.
  • Now start the Flash tool(SP Flash Tool) in your PC/Laptop.
  • Open the Scatter tool and select the Scatter file loading option, Select the scatter file from the “Recovery” Folder.
  • Click on the button “DOWNLOAD”
  • Just ignore the warning message.
  • Now remove the battery of your phone for 10-15 seconds now Insert the battery back into your phone.
  • Just connect your phone with the PC/Laptop but don’t turn it on.
    Connect your Lava Itis N400 to your PC by using original DATA TRANSFER cable.
  • After you connect the phone the Tools will automatically start the flashing on your device.
  • Now wait for the Rooting Process to be completed. After all done start your Lava Iris N400 


Congratulations! You have successfully Rooted Lava Iris N400 

If you got any problem during this process then let us know your problem through the comments. We will try our level best to rectify the problem of your device.

We will be very happy if your share your experience of rooting your device.