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As the time passes Micromax is launching back to back Smartphones which are however of mid range but have a great impact over the market that those phones have become tough competitors of Samsung, Apple or LG’s Smartphone. All the Smartphone by Micromax run on the Android operating system and it features the 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Android version in maximum of its Smartphone.

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Root Micromax A89 Ninja

Here in this content we are talking about the guide to root Micromax A89 Ninja Smartphone. If you are an owner of Micromax A89 Ninja and want to it so that you can use the phone in a customized way to fulfill your needs then here is a step by step guide on How to root Micromax A89 Ninja. Get a look at the whole tutorial:

Remember that whenever you are supposed to root a device like a Smartphone no matter Micromax or any other you need to follow certain steps before starting process. The steps vary according to the device’s need however. Let us first get a look at the

Pre Requisites for How to root Micromax A89 Ninja:

  •  It needs loads of energy and this is why before everything your first task is to charge the battery of the phone at least up to 70 percent otherwise if during the process the battery gets discharged the entire process will be ending right there and  you will have to start right from the beginning.
  • Another thing that you must do before starting the process of rooting is to enable the USB dubbing. In order to enable the USB dubbing you go to the settings first and from there go to the “Application” option”. Hence select Development and from their enable the USB dubbing.
  • In the period of processing it may happen that all your data gets deleted from the phone memory. Therefore do back up all your phone data. In order to do that you can shift or copy all your phone documents to some other device.
  • Then you require downloading the Micromax A89 Ninja root tool(Binary4Tool) from the link given below in the download section. Be sure that what you are downloading is genuine and you are using a reliable source.
  • Finally you need to download a file in order to support the rooting process of Micromax A89 Ninja.

Download Bin4ry Tool

Note: While doing the entire above make sure you are doing it with great responsibility and seriousness since this entire task is to be done “At your own risk” and Team AndroidCular will not be responsible for any kind of damage or any type of mishap.

Now let us get a look at the steps to root your device.

Steps for How to root Micromax A89 Ninja:

  1. Install and haul out the Bin4ry Tool on the desktop.
  2. After that the next step is to select and open “Runme.bat” from the hauled out folder.
  3. Once you are done with this step the next step is to connect the phone to the computer through a USB cable.
  4. Now get a look at “Runme.bat” and choose the option “1-Normal mode”
  5. Finally go through the instructions displayed in the screen and follow those and the entire process will be completed in few minutes.

Congratulations. You are done with the tutorial of How to root Micromax A89 Ninja. In case if you faced any difficulty while rooting your Micromax A89 Ninja then ask it via leaving a comment below.