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Android tablets and phones are a great way to learn and play guitar simulations if you have the right app. There are many apps available for the same. Here is a list of the top 5 free guitar apps for Android:

Guitar Apps for Android

Guitar Tuna:

It is simply one of the best guitar apps for Android out there. It is easy to use with a clean interface. The app actually listens to you play with the microphone of your Android device and then gives you an accurate response. This is because the app automatically cancels all background noise and has award winning world class audio processing. Another great feature of the app is that it works with acoustic and electric guitars. Left hand tuning is supported by the app too. Since it is free Guitar Tuna has none of those annoying ads that keep on popping up.

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JamBox Light Chords and Scales:

JamBox is the guitar app for you if you are a beginner on the guitar. JamBox is a comprehensive chord and scales app that features up to 22 chord modes,13 scales and even a limited number of split brass/brass cords. The app also has a left handed option and supports standard tuning. Although the common version of the app is completely free at the Google Play Store (it is however add supported) the pro version has to be bought for a fee.

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It is another great guitar app for android users everywhere. It not only helps you find your chords in no time at all but also shows you different ways of finger placement per chord. This app will be especially helpful for people who are not musicians or have just begun to play the guitar. The app also supports left handed players and can do a reverse search to help you save your data. Overall GChord is a good app if you need help in learning all those tricky chord positions.

Guitar Tuner:

Guitar Tuner is a free guitar app for Android that shows you a visual guitar that you can practice playing the guitar notes for each thing. This is a useful little app for those people who want to make their guitar playing perfect through practice or for those who want to experience playing a guitar without actually doing so.

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Virtual Guitar:

This guitar app for Android will always make sure that you have a guitar with you in your pocket wherever you go. This app is great for professionals and beginners alike as it helps you practice and jam at the same time.

All the above are great apps but I would especially recommend the JamBox and GCord apps to people who are beginning the guitar. The guitar apps are really useful if you get a hang of it. You will need to get use to the app format. However if your phone or tablet does not have a great microphone you might experience inaccurate readings in the tuning function of the application. Even if that is the case, the chord library type apps such as Gchord are a must have for any guitar player.

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