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Chat apps are instant messaging service which also includes video call service. It provides you to send and receive free messages in seconds and also know when your messages are being saved and read. Moreover, you can add your personal messages to your profile. These chats apps encompass texting, social networking, sharing of photos, videos, free voice calls and much more. Communication has become a necessity for everyone now, be it business people, college guys or family people.  We know everyone owns a Smartphone with numerous features and function. And these Smartphone have enlisted some of the best Chat Apps for exchanging your thoughts with your friends. If you love chatting and looking for chat apps for Android phones then in this post we are going to share a list of top 5 chat apps for android. Let’s now have a look at the best 5 chat apps for Android Phones.

Best Chat Apps for Android


It is the most popular chat app on Android. Its popularity significantly raised manifolds that some people say it is a quick way to ping your friends. This app is available on every platform like Windows, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry and much more. It also uses your 3G or WiFi to message with friends and family. It is chat application especially for creating chat groups or can be considered as a unique social way to interact the world.

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Viber Chat:

Unlike other apps, it has also turned into a popular free calling app over various platforms. Primarily, it integrates with your phone to provide the best VoIP experience. It allows you to send messages very instantly and to add multiple networks in it. You can post pictures, videos, files, texts and lots more of all the networks within this single app.


It seems to be one of the best, free when it comes to features. This app looks fantastic and packs great call quality that you had been exhorted to find in other free chat apps for android. It is a widely popular android and an Android messaging app which lets you chat online with your buddies. In addition there are some other exciting features like hilarious and fun stickers featuring famous characters.

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Another interesting mobile app for sending chats, text and videos for free. It makes it easy to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere if you are talking to a group of supporters. It also brings free high-quality voice calls, group messaging and photo sharing. You can add your personal contacts from your favorite social networks to this app. It is fast, reliable and always on with super clear voice clarity.


Nimbuzz is another amazing chat app in this list of  best chat apps for android, It lets you chat with your social networking sites. This is an awesome chat app which gives you free calls, messaging, and all your friends in one place. It is super-popular and our 150+ million registered users across platforms prove that. Some exciting features like HD voice calls, Group chat, chat rooms, free push notifications and offline notifications provided. It offers instant messaging services like Gtalk, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail etc for free.

A free messaging app is not only available for Android phones but now could reach just about every phone user. These apps are now available on almost every platform with Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, and iOS, Series 40, Symbian and Windows Phone and promise to be good apps which offer almost everything what is expected from messaging services. As chat apps are getting more and more popularity among young stars so developers are lunching new chat apps with new exciting features. So guys hangout with these apps now but also few new chat apps are going to get lunched soon.