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Android is achieving more popularity as a mobile operating-system with current indication of overtaking apple iphone OS. The most engaging feature of android is the accessibility of large no. of apps that you can easily download and install from android market. The android marketplace is full of android camera apps that improve and enhance your default camera app. Now let us look at the top 5 Android Camera apps for your device.

Android Camera Apps


Ever heard of something like a stop motion animation; this is a tactic often used by experts to make movement of a standing object by capturing it from various angles. You can make the same effect by using Clayframes a free app for Android users. By utilizing the simple User Interface you will get the facility of auto-alignment of frames, you can also make adjustments in the play-back speed based on fps. Clayframes will allow you to select the play-back speed fps, video dimension and even provide the option to transfer it so that you can share it.

Camera Zoom FX:

Camera Zoom FX is one of the free and best camera apps for Android Smart Phones and Gadgets that will deliver the huge amount of amazing effects like mirror, art, distort, and also frame effects. It also features beautiful editing tools. This is more of a device, because it implements special filters to the camera, replicating some exclusive and special effects.

Big Camera Button:

Big Camera Button is a great camera app for android users which can help you take pictures in even the most difficult situations. This is a nifty application which enables you to avoid taking shaky photographs. By using this app you can take photos by simply tapping your screen instead of pushing an actual button on the side of your phone.

Pro Paint Camera:

Pro Paint Camera is a nice standard camera app, but the trick it has up its sleeve is the capability to change the image after it was taken. Quite simply, it’s a paint program, tacked towards the standard camera program. You can find pen tool for editing pictures and photos. After you took the picture, you can create annotations and many more with the help of pen tool. It also has numerous special effects just like x-ray, douse, light burst, and many others.

Camera 360:

Camera 360 is most likely the best all-around camera app for android. This app was just released in both a free and a paid version, and even the free version produces most of the existing camera apps out of the water. Most camera app just let you use auto-focus. In Camera 360, you’ll be able to do no focus, auto-focus, pre-focus, and manually operated focus. Actually, it is possible to choose among normal, nature, or macro options in terms of auto focus. You are advised that there is a full version available on the market, and purchasing the full version will boost developers to add further attributes later. The free version is not impaired in anyway.