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In the hectic schedule of everyday’s one tends to forget many things and sometimes even end up in losing the precious gadget. If you have lost any of precious gadget or android phones, then carry on reading this article. This article will focus on Top 5 android app to find your lost android phone.

Android apps to find lost phone

Here go the 5 best Android apps to find phone:

Plan B:

For android running on lower android version for example 2.4 or even lower, then Plan B is an awesome Android App to Find Phone. This is the first app that you can look for and download immediately after you have lost your handset. Having this app download on your phone is to allow your phone to get protected at the utmost. You can remotely download this app by using the Google play web interface. Once you have downloaded this app this starts sending the phone’s location to the target Gmail address. Moreover, you can constantly monitor phone’s current location by using the other phone. The costs for all these features are zero.

Lookout Security and Antivirus:

Lookout protects all the evil happening to your phone such as viruses, loss and theft. It gives you the best opportunity to find your phone by using Google Map, and make scream even it is on silent mode. You can easily get know its last location with an email containing pictures and details about people who tries to unlock it.

Where’s My Droid:

Where’s My Droid is counted among the best anti-theft android application available on the Google play. Through this app you can send alerts to the owner. Moreover, it helps in making the ringer rind at a very high volume. The GPS application allows this phone to coordinate with the Google maps, so that if you even if it is not in the audible range, you may try find your phone. Pro versions allows you to have a couple of extra features where you will get picture of the thief using front camera, gives option of remote lock of the devices, and delete all data from your device.

Seek Droid Lite:

This, highly popular application helps locate your misplaced phone anywhere in the world. Using this Seek droid lite, you can locate the stolen device in any corner. This feature enables the phone to remotely delete all the data and lock it with using GPS facility. It even works with SIM and records all the latest calls made from the handset.

Cerberus anti theft:

Although the app is paid and does not come as a free lunch, yet it has a lot of inviting features. Cerberus anti theft application offers tacking analogy with features remote messages, remote alarm trigger, and remote lock and remotely wipes SD Card and alerts of SIM change. It helps in protecting your phone in three ways such as accessing it through the remote control website, remote control via text messages and SIM checker; as it immediately alerts during the attempts of the SIM change.